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We are very fortunate to have customers who are more than generous with their kind words on behalf of our efforts. Following are just a few of the written compliments we have received over the years:

"Wow! That is all I can say. The last thin sections you made for me are incredible! Thank you."

"I learned about your business after a Introduction to Thin-Section Petrography workshop .... [the leader of the workshop] gave your business very high praise even saying 'Friends don't let friends get thin-sections done anywhere but Burnham'. So you of course were the first people I contacted and I appreciate your willingness to help with our attempts to use petrography in the classroom."

"Last time I ended up sending my order to [another lab] because I thought it would be quicker, and it was but they destroyed my samples to the extent that they were unusable. So I am learning to be a bit more patient and wait for high quality thin sections!"

"I want to thank you for the wonderful thin sections you've provided us. Truly works of art!"

"The Priority order sections arrived to us today and look absolutely fantastic! Thanks very much."

"[Your] sections are first class .... I would have no hesitation in recommending Burnham to colleagues in the future."

"Your work for us is appreciated and of high value."

"Hello thin-section gurus .... Thanks for the quality and effort of your work, my slides from the previous order are terrific!"

"... what an excellent bunch of sections. Can't wait to teach with them!"

"I am fascinated by the quality of your thin sections!"

"The extra thick thin sections you made us are working out great, with so much sample to zap our LA-ICPMS data is superb. Thanks for doing good work."

"I think 'good' thin sections are much better than 'speedy' thin sections. So, please take your time to make thin sections with good quality."

"Thanks again for turning out really nice thin sections. I've done business with a number of folks in the past 9 years, and you guys really do produce the best final product."

"I've been (trying) to work with the first batch of thin sections made by someone else .... They stained the slides, but didn't cover slip them. Being so fine grained and ground with such rough grit, the optics were terrible .... There's a hint of blue epoxy around the edges, but [they] clearly did not try to actually impregnate the samples because there is absolutely no blue epoxy in the pores. (To say that they are complete failures at impregnation would not be an exaggeration!) [So] I'm very much looking forward to working with your product!"

"Wow you really nailed on these PTS's! I know these [concrete samples] were probably tricky to cut and section, but you got the pyrite in the middle of one of the black zones and that was very, very important! I found pyrite and other Fe phases in the PTS's and lapped section, so this was well worth the effort!"

"Brian, YOU ARE A GOD! I just started on those slides you sent .... They are light years ahead of [a competitor's] slides! You are the only guy I know who knows how to: get the thickness right; impregnate with blue epoxy properly; stain carbonates ([the other company] even botched that! Their epoxy must contain calcium because it takes the stain!). You know that I'm already a huge fan of yours, and that I became such by my own methodical approach to things. I expected your samples to be better than [the other company's] samples. None the less, I am amazed at the difference! You are wonderful! Working with proper slides is like the difference between doing detail work in a dark, damp basement and working in sunlight. Thank you!!!"

"You were recently recommended to me from a colleague as 'the only company that I trust with delicate samples', and I have delicate samples, so I'm coming to you!"

"The [Asian Art] samples were certainly difficult, there were very small openings on most of the sculpture and I couldn't take any more core material than what I sent you. But, that's why we sent them to you!"

"I have spent some time with the [Ostia mortar] thin sections this afternoon - they are absolutely superb! Thank you so much for your careful and attentive work."

"I'm coming to you because I have heard from many petrologists that your thin section work is excellent. I've had very bad luck with two local thin section makers in [our] area. Working with xenoliths, I have very little sample to spare, so I was completely devastated when my samples came back with every single olivine and orthopyroxene grain fractured, and with a polish that under reflected light looked like someone had riddled the slide with machine gun bullets. Obviously these [local] thin section makers did not start the polishing process off correctly, as they managed to fracture almost every crystal in the thin section. And then they polished the section in one direction, leaving these horrible uni-directional marks. I've been through two cycles of bad thin sections, and have had to live with my fractured and poorly polished ones."

"The experimental mortar thin sections are very nicely done. You managed to preserve the sequence of very delicate interstitial cements, and I will be able to do some nice SEM-EDS on these. Thanks very much."

"... the previous order that you guys filled was superb. Other folks [here] have referred to you as thin section "artists", and now I see first hand that they are right."

"...the samples are spectacular, as usual. You two really are the only people who seem to know how to do this! Thank you!!"

"I was recently at [a University in China] to collaborate with a Chinese colleague, .... The purpose was to look at thin sections of weathered mantle peridotites and serpentinites he had collected from the SW Indian Ridge. The thin sections he had were of such poor quality that using them to identify some mineral phases was virtually impossible, too plucked to do point counting, and too poorly polished to do electron microprobe work. I have recommended your laboratory for the manufacture of good quality singly polished thin sections."

"The last batch [of thin sections] were really really good. We could see so much more in those thin sections than in the old ones. I'll never send things elsewhere in future and make sure my colleagues don't, either!"

"... we would like to thank you for Petropoxy[154], which is absolutely superb for the preparation of palynological slides, and now is the only mounting media that [we] use for this type of work."

"We are behind in our schedule because we had thin sections prepared by another lab, but the "polish" was so inferior that we could not get usable photomicrographs. You were recommended to us ...."

"I just had to test your claim about quality, speed & price. You're right, you can't have all three. So, I'm sending the billets to you to have sections made. I'm looking forward to another batch of top-notch thin sections!"

"You guys are awesome. This [rush turnaround] really saves my butt, too. Always a pleasure doing business with you."

"I wanted to have some thin sections made of some volcanic and plutonic samples that I am currently working on and know of your reputation as the best in the business. My last project I had samples made by a competitor because it was cheaper and the end result was poor. I have also wanted to use you in the past as my academic "grandfather" is your uncle C. Wayne Burnham. I would ideally like to use you on a regular basis in the future for all of my thin section needs...."

"I am absolutely astounded at the slides. The quality is superb. I will be spending many hours (hell, months) studying these and then using them to teach from, and it was certainly worth the wait."

"I'd rather wait a while and have good, useable thin sections than pay someone to screw my samples up. You guys are still the only people that I trust."

"Because of your outstanding prepared thin sample, your company has won the award of this solicitation."

"You guys are amazing. Best experience I've had purchasing stuff for the lab. I'll put up your flyer in the micro-probe room and recommend you to others in the Dept. Thanks so much, I really mean it!"

"We spent yesterday on the SEM with the new Baia harbor concrete samples - what a pleasure to work with these [thin sections]! Nice polish, no excess epoxy even in pores, and no plucks - thanks very much for the care you put into these precious mortars."

"My former supervisor sometimes asked you to make thin-sections and I know very well that your thin-sections are perfect. I look forward to observing your beautiful thin-sections soon."

"Thank you for the polished grain mounts. I was amazed at the quality of the polished finish! The polish is perfect!! Can I ask how you obtained such a nice polish on such soft materials? Thanks again for your help with this rush job on unusual materials."

"I just received my order and the thin sections are BEAUTIFUL! Thank y'all so much!"

"I have always found your [Petropoxy 154] products of outstanding quality...."

"I'm a PhD student [and] had fantastic slides made by you for my masterís several years ago and would love to employ you in making another suite of slides.... we're happily willing to pay [extra] for it to be done well."

"... I have to admit that I like your Petropoxy very much. I tried it during my sabbatical when I was in Canada and I was rather impressed by the product. I will try to get my French colleagues to use it!"

"Here at the Dept. of Geological and Environmental Sciences we have always preferred the quality of your thin sections. For our teaching collection we are in need of about 50 covered thin sections, and we were wondering if you could do this work for us."

"The sections you made are awesome. Not a pluck, a wedge or a tustle in the bunch. I couldnít be happier with them. Thanks again."

"I tried the Petropoxy before...best stuff around. Nothing else comes close. I hope you keep distributing it."

"Hey Brian: your thin sections (my rocks, your sections) are just gorgeous! Crystal clear shard textures. Completely fill the slide, uniform thickness across full length and width, and no plucking. And these rocks were pretty messy. If you ever need a testimonial, feel free to use this."
       --Jim Riehle, Hayden, Idaho

"You two are good in my reckoning of things, so your well-being is an important factor for me."

"The thin sections arrived and they look great! Thank you for your excellent work. As always, I am really pleased and impressed with the high quality of your thin sections."

"The thin sections are excellent, really nice in polish, thickness, and lack of loss along the edges, despite odd mineral assemblages including olivine, serpentine, talc, carbonates and quartz."

"WOOO HOOOO! I'll be excited to get the last of the thin sections you made for me. Thanks so much for letting me know they are coming. And, again, thanks for your resiliency in working such challenging samples."

"I'm looking forward to seeing [my thin sections]. As always, you all do fantastic work!!!"

"Your quality is really superb and I would rather have you do the sections, even if it takes some time!"

"I want to let you know that I have been working with the set of thin sections that you made for me .... They are all of excellent quality and are very useful for my Antarctic Research."

"I've ordered from you before and the sections turned out fabulously!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my second batch of thin sections from you today. They look FABULOUS! I appreciate the great care it takes to make them from these challenging rocks."

"The thin sections arrived today in good order. BEAUTIFUL work ! Thanks again for the outstanding thin sections you have produced for me. I will send you a disc with a few high resolution images if you want to use them on your web site. Thank you again for your great craftsmanship!"

"I would not send my samples anywhere else! ... a few minutes ago I was recommending your services to a colleague of mine. Thanks so much for your excellent service!"

"The thin sections you made ... are awesome and [my student] mentioned that the mineral identification was much, much easier than his previous experience using the university's instructional thin sections. [We] worked together on his thin sections yesterday afternoon and there are some amazing zeolite textures in some of the amygdules hosted by volcanic rocks. These would not have been identifiable without an excellent polish. Thanks a million!"

"Your good reputation is well earned in every aspect. I have only heard good things about your work and your company."

"I can't bear sending [my samples] elsewhere. I like your all's work too much!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent thin sections. The look I gave them suggests they are nicely flat, the right thickness, not heavily plucked, and have accurate labels--three things I have been unable to get from [other] thin sectioning outfits for the last four years! Needless to say, you have my business."

"Thank you so much! You guys are absolutely THE BEST! No other place compares to the quality of your work!"

"Thank you for your service. You were recommended highly by the geologists here, several of whom said 'Just call Brian.'"

"You shouldn't do such good work, then you wouldn't be so busy and could relax a bit!"

"I received the thin sections. Thank you very much. I am very satisfied with your service and will plan to always send orders to your company. You have a very happy PhD student/customer ...."

"I fully understand that quality is very important and I prefer to wait a little more to have decent thin sections."

"Thanks for all the thin sections you've sent so far -- the quality is of course superb!"

"..congratulations to your success in running this business for 20 years. You have been keeping high-quality work as far as I know; thus I always turn to you for thin section making. Best wishes ...."

"ThanksÖ. And it goes without saying, that we send Ďem to you coz you do make great sections..."

"Good luck and thanks much. And continue to make excellent slides. Itís a joy to view a good slide even thought the rock is a mess. Iím sure Iím sending my share of messy volcanic rocks for thin section."

"I know that your company will do a great job ... because I have sent samples to you before and the thin sections have been very well done."

"Thank you for your careful attention to quality in thin section preparation."

"You are way too busy ... because you do such a good job!"

"I just want to say that the quality of the thin sections you made is really impressive. I had also ordered a batch from [another company] at about the same time, and they are pretty crude. Anyways, [your sections] were certainly worth the wait."

"After glancing through your website (discovered while searching the keyword "petrographic services" in google), I couldn't resist myself from sending this email with some questions, comments, exchange of ideas and experiences. Hope you don't mind. In my honest and humble opinion, this is the BEST site on petrographic sample preparation I have discovered so far with a wealth of information based on real experience!!"

"This fall I had about 30 thin-sections prepared by you, they're beautiful thanks!"

"Please donít rush [my] samples just to keep up. I would rather wait 3 months for an excellent section than sacrifice the quality .... Take your time .... I send [my samples] to you for a reason. Thanks for the great work."

"I got [my] sections today. They are fantastic!! I have tried getting sections from these rocks made by at least 3 different commercial labs and have had problems getting a good polish because of the corundum in the rocks and the fine symplectites, but these are superbly done. Definitely worth the wait!"

"Thank you for doing such a good job on our stalagmites! The extra thickness of the sections made the growth bands easier to see and count. We have some awesome results thanks to your help."

"By the way, today one Taiwanese colleague just asked me about options of thinsection making. I mentioned your company and highly recommended it. Hope this may get you more international clients."

"Everything we've gotten so far is excellent quality. Thanks again for your hard work."

"THANK YOU!!!!!!!!....... The thin sections we have are super...."

"Last fall I sent my samples to your shop, I am working on those samples now. I have to say it is pretty good, I am totally satisfied."

"The granodiorite sections arrived ... and they're perfect."

"The most recent shipment of thin-sections has arrived safe and sound. They look excellent ... Thank you! You guys definitely do good work. Its well worth the wait."

"My sections arrived on time and I am very happy with their quality."

"Last time I ordered thin sections from you for my Master's Thesis, I could have not been more happier. They were the best ones I had ever seen and were finished quickly. The word has spread: your thin sections are now under microscopes of the students on the petrological courses in our [European] university. Our professor was suspicious at first, but was stunned when he saw the results! :)"

"By the way, in all sincerity, I feel you all make the most outstanding sections! I made my own as an undergrad, and have had experience with a number of other companies, including having to repolish the sections after arrival. Bottom-line... you all produce a truly, high-quality, probe-polished thin-section! Thank you so much for ending my long search and frustration! Even having the actual sample name engraved on the back instead of a miscellaneous lab number is great (some labs charge extra to have the real sample name engraved instead of just including it in the cost!).In the end, your sections are worth the wait! They make petrography a real treat....I mean it!!! You all have made me a customer for life. I can only reiterate all of the positive comments that I made before! Thanks again!"

"Your sections are always great. It will be nice to show students what properly made thin sections look like."

"You do nice work - I sent rocks to each of five companies and yours were definitely the best quality thin sections! Great thin sections, as always!"

"Very superb work!"

"I wish to thank you for the excellent sections; they are unsurpassed and we will continue to use your fine services in the future!"

"Congratulations for such fine work!...your prices for these high quality sections are reasonable...Again, thanks for your prompt and excellent work."

"We've been pleased with all the thin sections you've made so far -- they're invariably the proper thickness across the whole section.
So...believing that quality work should be rewarded by more business, we are sending more..."

"The last batch of sections...arrived in record time and were outstanding as usual. Keep up the great work guys."

"You would not believe what a frenzy your thin sections are making over here...my supervisor was getting calls from all over from people wanting to know where he gets his thin sections made! Everyone is so impressed! My boss just eats it up!"

"I am writing to you at the request of our Department Chairman. You have just completed an order of over 100 thin sections for the Geology Department. [The Chairman] noted the quality of your work was exceptional, and he wanted to let you know...You can look forward to hearing from us for our order for next year. Thank you very much."

"My compliments on the last batch of ten samples! They turned out wonderful and, in fact, I will be able to use photographs of some of them for a GSA poster presentation. Thanks for the good work."

"I have been very pleased in the past with the quality of the thin sections you have made. It makes a difference to those of us who spend hours at the microscope to have good sections to start with."

"I have viewed all the thin sections of the last order and BOYEE -- THEY ARE GOOD. Thanks for a job well done!"

"Dude...these sections are awesome!"

"In keeping with the high quality of the rest of [our] program we chose your laboratory to provide all the thin section work. Without exception all the thin sections are of the highest quality we have ever seen. They are truly marvelous and could almost be considered works of art. We are completely satisfied with your product and are going to recommend you to all of our colleagues and friends. We look forward to continuing to work with you on this project and many more in the future."

"I sent you an order of around 200 thin sections this summer. I was really pleased with your work; thank you so much! Much better than the place I had sent my chips before..."

"I'm the fellow who was so impressed with your quality of polished thin sections. I sent duplicate samples to several reputable thin section makers...and similar...samples to a university facility in the People's Republic of China. I specifically chose difficult samples to polish...Your prices are comparable but your quality is greatly superior. My advice to my fellow [grad] students has therefore been to send samples to you...Again, thank you for doing such a good job. I really respect people who take pride in the quality of their work."

"Thanks yet again for your help...you make the best thin sections in the world!"

"The thin sections look great...I will definitely continue to recommend you as the best polished thin section maker I've found."

"Keep up the good work...I am still browsing through the over 100 thin sections you just did for me, and am I ever delighted. I can see why your customers are so loyal -- all the sections are perfectly beautiful.Thank you!"

"...I think you deserve a raise :-)"

"I'd really like you to make [my] thin sections because you're dam good at it. The last time you were "overbooked" I sent some to another place, paid too much and the sections sucked."

"Hi Brian -- thought I would pass along a compliment that I got on some of the thin sections that you made for me previously. I am in Denmark now at some meetings and a technician here who saw some photomicrographs of my samples was quite impressed..."

"Thank you for the time and consideration you put into your thin section process. I recently received several fluid inclusion sections and they were wonderfully done."

"You remain, in my opinion, the best in the business. I have yet to see better, amigo."