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Burnham Petrographics acquired Palouse Petro Products, the original producer of Petropoxy 154, in the spring of 2004; since then we have continued to manufacture Petropoxy 154 to the same exacting standards which for nearly 50 years has made it the thin section epoxy of choice for so many the world over. We hope you'll give Petropoxy 154 a try the next time you need a truly superior impregnation and mounting medium.
Download our current price list, order form, Petropoxy 154 Instruction Manual, or special instructions for using Petropoxy 154 blue dye.
MSDS (Safety Data Sheets): resin, curing agent, and blue dye.
Petropoxy 154
Formulated specifically for the preparation of petrographic thin sections.
Best Refractive Index
nd=1.540±0.001. Petropoxy 154 is the only epoxy based mounting medium with this refractive index, which is considered ideal for general petrography. In addition, Petropoxy 154 is the only mounting medium for which the refractive index is given and warranted to four significant figures. Many manufacturers of mounting media give no refractive index information at all, and of those that do, some are wrong.

A mounting medium of known refractive index can be a powerful aid in mineral identification. For example, a medium of 1.540 is useful for distinguishing between feldspars. In addition, the relief of a mineral is, in part, dependent on the r.i. of the cover glass mounting medium. Particularly when scanning a slide at low power, the difference in the relief of various minerals can be a valuable aid in mineral and texture determination.

Highest Bond Strength
For almost all rocks and minerals, the Petropoxy 154 bond to unfrosted slides is stronger than either the specimen or the slide. Therefore, slides need not be frosted, which saves a production step and eliminates attendant refraction and consequent poor image at high contrast, as, for example, when observing the Becke line.

This tremendous strength allows you to saw and rough grind a much thinner section than with any other mounting medium. Remounting of specimens due to plucking and bond separation is virtually eliminated.

Longest Pot Life
Once the two Petropoxy 154 components are mixed, the pot life of Petropoxy 154 is about 5 days at 21°C (70°F). This eliminates waste due to the rapid gelation (0.5 to 3 hours for all other epoxy mounting media) of unused mixed material. And you won’t spend up to 1 hour per week constantly mixing epoxies. With Petropoxy 154, you mix the two components as infrequently as once per week - for 5 minutes.

In addition, the long pot life of Petropoxy 154 frees you from having to organize your time so that several specimens can be mounted or covered at the same time. Mounting only one or two sections with Petropoxy 154 is both convenient and efficient.

Shortest Cure Time
Cure time for a high strength bond is only 10 minutes, a tremendous time saver. Optimum cure temperature is 135°C (275°F).
Best Impregnation
The low viscosity of Petropoxy 154 provides excellent penetration during impregnation and specimen mounting.
Best For Cover Glasses
Because of its low viscosity and long pot life, applying cover glasses with Petropoxy 154 is faster, easier, and simpler than with any other mounting medium. Petropoxy 154 is a 100% solids system - there are no solvents to vaporize; and there are no by-products of the cure reaction. Therefore, no bubbles will form under the cover glass during cure.
Everything Included
Petropoxy 154 is the only epoxy mounting medium which is supplied with everything needed to dispense, mix and apply the medium. No more guessing at proportions, and improvising stirring rods and mixing containers.
If you are not satisfied with Petropoxy 154, tell us why and we’ll refund the purchase price. This is the only warranty applicable to Petropoxy 154. Burnham Petrographics LLC assumes no other obligation or liability in connection with this product.
Download our current price list, order form, Petropoxy 154 Instruction Manual, or special instructions for using Petropoxy 154 blue dye.
Petropoxy 154 is also available from the following dealers outside the US:
In Canada
#1, 3610-29 St. NE
Calgary AB T1Y 5Z7
Vancouver Petrographics
8080 Glover Rd.
Langley BC V1M 3S3
In Japan (by exclusive arrangement)
Maruto Instrument Co.
2-4-1, Kasuga
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-0003
+81 3 6801 0727
Petrographic Slide Boxes
We offer 25 and 100 capacity slide boxes for both standard size (25x45mm, 27x46mm and 28x48mm) and 2x3" (51x75mm) slides. These boxes are better quality, easier to use and less expensive than other boxes on the market.
Item #4021 & Item #4022
These boxes will hold 25 slides, and are heavy cardboard with slotted racks and telescoping cover. The outside is covered with white, semi-gloss paper with an index on the top. The inside is lined with white paper and the slots are numbered. Order #4021 for standard slides and #4022 for 2x3" slides.
Item #4041 & Item #4042
These handsome boxes will hold 100 slides, and are constructed of a durable wood frame covered with black skytogen paper. A clearly numbered plastic insert provides generous spacing for easy handling of slides and won’t mar polished thin sections as will aluminum inserts. The hinges and snap latch are nickel plated. A numbered index lines the lid. Order #4041 for standard slides and #4042 for 2x3" slides.

Download our current price list.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.