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  • Your samples may be submitted in any form. Unusual samples or special requests which consume much time and materials will be charged accordingly.

  • Markings or instructions indicating where you want us to cut sections are encouraged.
  • If you're submitting uncut "hand samples", send fist-size (or smaller) pieces, if possible. Samples larger than 30cm average circumference are subject to extra charges ($1.00 per each cm over 30 cm average C).
  • Very small samples (<1 cm) are subject to special mounting charges.
  • If you'll be impregnating your samples before you send them, the medium you use could cause us problems and extra charges may apply. For information about Petropoxy 154, click here.
  • Samples with one or more sawn surfaces ("cut material") qualify for a discount (cores qualify, too).
  • Precut blanks receive the maximum discount. Blanks should be sawn on all sides and must be no larger than 24 x 40mm (45 x 70mm oversize) and 1 - 1.5 cm thick to qualify. Blanks less than 1 cm thick could require special handling and extra charges may apply. Please indicate which side you'd like mounted.
  • All leftover material comes back to you unless you instruct us otherwise.
  • Return shipments to US addresses are made via UPS or USPS (Airmail Parcel Post or Global Express Mail to foreign destinations) unless you request a different carrier or method (see our order form for more complete shipping options).
Some materials will need special handling because of physical and/or chemical characteristics.
  • Epoxy Impregnation (heavy) is for friable, fractured and/or exceedingly permeable samples.
  • Epoxy Impregnation (light): all blanks cut from reasonable samples receive a thin coat of epoxy before lapping. Those blanks that need more than one coat are subject to light impregnation charges.
  • Heat-Sensitive Samples include those which contain gypsum, volatile hydrocarbons, or some resins or epoxy impregnation media (other than what we use).
  • Water-Sensitive Samples include those which contain soluble chlorides or sulfates, or swelling clays.
  • Hard or Brittle Samples include (among others) chert, jade, certain skarns and some micrites.
  • Special Mounting procedures may be required for samples less than 1 cm, or blanks thin enough to warp with heat.
Please be sure to alert us to the presence or suspected presence of any heat- or water-sensitive constituents in your samples!
Performed at your request.
  • Blue Epoxy Impregnation: bright blue for easy porosity estimates. Lighter shades are available if you prefer.
  • Sample Orientation: your field or lab orientations are maintained throughout preparation. Arrow(s) and any numerical data are scribed next to sample number on each slide.
  • Stains: 1/2 or full slide:
  • To receive a volume discount and/or same turnaround, all samples should get to us within 10 days to be considered part of a single order. (Rush or Priority samples should come all at once.)
  • If you can, place each sample in its own labeled bag, and/or write numbers directly on the rock itself and specify the area you want sectioned. PLEASE BE LEGIBLE.
  • Pack samples with plenty of newspaper, packing peanuts, etc. in a securely-sealed shipping carton. Include a cover letter with clear instructions and sample list, or one of our order forms.
  • It helps us if your sample list is in alphabetical or numerical order. Divide your list into groups (standard, polished, 2×3, etc.) if you need more than just one type of section from the samples in your order.
  • All orders will be returned via UPS Ground unless otherwise specified. To avoid shipping delays and the possibility of lost packages, please be sure the address you provide is complete and correct, and is one to which UPS (or FedEX, DHL, etc.) can actually deliver. UPS and other private carriers can not deliver to P.O. Boxes or any other “U.S. Mail only” addresses.
    To calculate UPS delivery times, click here.